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This type of installation creates a clean looking affect as both the TV and mounting bracket are flush with the wall. The Low Profile mounting bracket is the least expensive due to the fact that the unit does not allow the TV to tilt or swivel. Also, with Low Profile Mount, installation is a breeze and most mounts can be secured to wood studs, concrete, cinder block, or metal.


When deciding on a Low Profile Mounting bracket, you have to take into consideration that the TV will need to have cords attached for both the power and signals. If your connections are mounted from the back of the TV, you may face a problem trying to clear the room needed for the cables. Therefore, you should make sure that there is enough clearance for the cords to prevent any bulging or upward tilt from the pressure of the cords.

Another disadvantage of choosing Low Profile mount is that you can't adjust the viewing angle of the TV, we would recommend that a Swivel Wall mount be used in place of the Low Profile model.