Best Flat Screen TV Mounts To Choose From in Houston Texas...

Low Profile

Also called a fixed or stationary mount; designed to hold TV flat against the wall; placement can't be adjusted once mounted; may not be compatible with flat panel TVs that have a rear protrusion

Tilting Mounts

Similar to fixed mounts but allow for downward tilting movement; enhances viewing of television mounted high up on wall; angle can be adjusted after mounting and locked securely in place

Ultra Thin

Also referred to as a slim mount; allows television to sit closer to wall than other mounts; available in stationary or tilting styles


Also known as a cantilever mount; TV mounted on retractable arm attached to wall bracket; allows for wide range of motion; TV can be pulled away from wall and swiveled to left or right; ideal for rooms with multiple viewing locations


Similar to low-profile mount, but allows for horizontal movement; less range of motion than an articulating mount with extendable support arm; some models also offer tilting capability


Attaches to ceiling rather than wall; used when wall-mounting is awkward or impossible; also used to mount movie projectors.


Designed for older CRT models rather than flat-screen TVs; television sits on shelf supported by arm attached to wall or ceiling

Under Cabinet

Space-saving mount for under-cabinet placement; often used in kitchens and cubicles; display can be flipped down for viewing or folded up and hidden away; better-suited to small screen sizes