We Know There Are Tons Of Questions About TV Mounting...

What Are The 3 Most Asked Questions???

  • #1. What will my flat screen TV installation cost?

    As with many things “price” is one of the first concerns however an accurate answer to this question should only come just after a thorough inspection of your property. If any security camera installation in Houston quotes you an exact price over the phone, run the other way because it’s usually a bait price followed by a deposit just to set you up for a fair amount of surprise fees and “must have” up-charges. To give you a rough idea, reliable security camera system start at the $1000 range however there are many things to consider. For example how many cameras, brand of cameras, amount of video backup required, complexity of the actual install along with a list of other variables.

  • #2. How long will it take to install my flat screen TV?

    Much like final pricing, this great question also will depend on variables such as how many cameras, where the cameras will be installed, how much attic space your property has and other variables that can only be determined by an actual visit and full inspection of your property. The good news is we will give you a FREE onsite inspection and a final quote that you can rely on for the next 60 days. We can tell you that on average our security camera installs take between one and 2 full days.

  • #3. Do you supply the mount or do I supply the mount?

    Many desperate sales reps will offer you such a feature as if is something that most systems don’t have but thats kinda like saying that you’re going to get soda with your extra value meal. Nowadays even low-end home security camera systems will easily allow you not only to see what is going on in your home but will also allow you to control and make adjustments to your system from your mobile device or desktop computer. A few important features that the low-end or cheaper systems don’t have are: NEED WILBERS HELP HERE.

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Wilber was great. Hired him to wall mount a couple TVs, install a Nest camera and a few other smart items. Installs went great, good communication, fast and dependable. Wilber was able to give me recommendations on speakers and other smart items as well. Great service !


Wilber did a fantastic job of mounting my 65" Tv to my stone wall. He even showed up earlier than expected which was a plus for me. I would definitely recommend him for all your home entertainment installation needs!!..Thanks again