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  • Extra Storage

If you need an extra storage space on top of your TV, then a Platform mount is perfect for holding gaming consoles, speakers, DVD players, remotes, digital Apple TV, and more.

  • Easy Installation

Most Platform mounts can be mounted in seconds as they mostly have an easy install feature

  • Sturdy Design

A well built platform mount that can hold about two pound of weight is very ideal for your other external devices that can easily be placed and enjoyed on top of your TV.


  • Stability issue with thin TV's

Since most modern TV's are now paper thin, this product may not fit and maintain stability for thin TV's less than 1/2".

  • Does not Support large electronics

The product can hold mostly 2 pounds in weight, so heavier electronics might not be stable enough to hold.

Platform Mount (based on the description on the site)


  • Saves Storage Space and Money

If you happen to have an old CRT TV/Monitor lying around and don't want to spend extra money for a new TV, having a sturdy Platform mount can save you a lot of storage space and money.

  • Sturdy and reliable

CRT TV/Monitors are known to be very heavy so in order to support them, this type of mount is designed to accommodate for their weight. A sturdy design is required for the safety and stability when mounting your old TV/Monitor.


  • Stability and Safety Challenge

Most CRT TV/Monitors are heavy and would require a extreme precaution when mounting. A highly trained professional might be needed to avoid injuries and have a proper, safe and stable installation for your piece of mind.

  • Limited Supply

As CRT TV's are mostly phased out and out of production, these products are now getting difficult to source and acquire, they won't be around for much too much long.