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Smart TV Boxes are popular items these days and allow a user a wide range of uses from surfing the web, to streaming video straight to your TV. These small boxes can turn most any TV into a smart TV with a wide range of options. Most people use them to stream movies or TV shows from their favorite streaming sites, such as Netflix or Hulu.

The most famous Smart TV box in the market today are Android TV Boxes. An Android TV box has the ability to transform any TV into a smart TV, giving users access to television shows, live sports, and movies as well as a multitude of applications and games. The multimedia device can also play music and offers a Web browser for access to the Internet. In order to utilize the benefits of an Android TV box

The features of an Android box are the number-one reason people buy them. In addition to being able to watch high-definition video on your TV, Android boxes allow users to browse the web, use more than 500,000 apps and play games right on their TV without having to have an additional game console.

The social aspect of having an Android box is another popular feature. Users can, for example, share interesting websites and news stories right from the TV, check email, chat online through various services, and more. Android boxes change the way we use our TVs. The convenience of being able to use the internet from the TV is a very popular feature. Because the TV screen is used instead of a phone screen, tablet screen, or laptop, everything is easier to see. That means that it is a more enjoyable experience to watch videos, share photos, and more, on a big screen.

In order to use the Android TV box, the device must have access to an open Internet connection. Most Android TV boxes have the ability to connect to the Internet using a Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet connection. Using a Wi-Fi connection requires a Wi-Fi router and active Internet service. To connect to the Internet using a Wi-Fi connection, click on the settings icon, and select Wi-Fi from the menu options. After selecting the Wi-Fi menu option, choose the desired router. After entering the correct password, look for the Wi-Fi symbol to appear in the bottom-right corner of the screen.


What type of Android TV Boxes are Available?

Units come in all shapes, sizes, and pricing formats. Like all things computer related better hardware is introduced constantly from many manufactures. Low cost budget boxes are available along with high-end units packed with the latest fastest hardware. Each box will come with its own setup as manufactures modify the android code to fit their machines.

Popular options include the Nvidia Shield or H96 MAX H1. Which box is right for your setup very much depends on what fits your need and price range. The best way to see what is best for your setup is to read reviews on units within your budget.


Advantages of an Android TV Box (Smart TV Box):

A World Wide Web Tv Box has introduced a broad range of smart TV solutions. Using these devices, you may be capable of watching online Television programs, play android games, watch videos, play video, photos, music, surf the world wide web, unlimited accessibility social media marketing platforms including LinkeIn, Facebook, and Twitter along with access to your emails. Also, an Android Tv Box exposes you to more entertaining and educational factors. All that you need is functioning internet connectivity as well as an HDMI compatible TV. With one of these elements, a Smart tv box will allow you accessibility entire network right from the comfort of a couch at your house.

- Android TV box are less costly

In comparison to the price you pay for using Cable TV service on a long term basis, the cost of an Android TV box is much lower. When you consider all the features of an Android set top Box this cost difference seems to be massive.

- Brings New Experience

These smart TV Boxes will help you experience different things – In addition to watching the common tv programs with a set-top box, you’d use a different experience where you would get to investigate the Internet, play games and also watch television shows by using the world wide web. Indeed, Because it is an excellent innovation helping people get the most from their television.

- Games Looks and Feels Good

With Cable TV connection you will neither have the fun of playing amazing PC games nor will have access to the range available for the Android users. Android powered games are getting more complex, exciting and engaging; with HD graphics and the fascinating game play. With the advantage of an Android game remote you can even have better control on game playing. Have you ever thought how much you can save on 3D gaming with an Android TV Box? Without wasting your time, it is possible to find hot selling game in the Google play store. It will either cost you a few pounds or will be for free!

- Substitute for creating top Box

It acts as an alternative to the standard set-top box – A typical set-top box can be entertaining with several channels broadcasting various programs but using a multipurpose device that could serve many purposes can produce a person get rid of their set-top box forever. This revolutionary product is multi-functional and thus will bring the planet closer to their fingertips this too on a large television screen.

- Multimedia Streaming Capability

With a range of the latest and easy to load applications that allow Live TV, multimedia on demand (HD video content and films), an Android TV box is incomparable in its capability to entertain. Imagine it with the addition of the simply amazing Kodi media centre and the next-generation entertainment

- Entertainment on-the-Go

Traveling or staying at a friend’s place, a luxury hotel or vacation property? Carry your android TV box which is compact in size and keep all of your favorite content with you. Since such a small device is carried in your bag, you can always enjoy entertainment on the go.

- It is just a Complete Package

Its multiple features convert it into a complete package giving them a sense of by using a smartphone on a large screen. The Android Tv Box can be a complete entertainment set for your family – Should you buy an Android television box, your family, and friends too would take advantage of it. Your household can spend quality time together and spend their free time performing several activities such as watching movies, playing games, talking with the entire world and browsing the net among others.


Stream video content to users allowing them to watch their favorite TV shows and movies on demand.

Some Smart TV boxes can connect to smartphones, tablets and laptops through your home wireless network.

Download apps and games from the store and view videos on Netflix, Youtube, etc.


While this unit work well they often require some skill to setup and operate.

Streaming video over WiFi can be challenging at times even with good equipment.

Some smart TV boxes would require a keyboard and mouse to operate.


Considering the fact that an Android TV Box utilizes an Operating System, this area doesn’t have any limitation in delivering educational and entertainment solutions. The real reason for this could be that the Main System used by these boxes is quickly available to 3rd party developers. This makes the Smart tv box an inexpensive strategy to try a wide variety of limitless information and entertainment as developers hardly need to pay to enable them to utilize the Android OS.