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Soundbars are relatively small and can be easily positioned under a display, are easy to set up, and are usually less expensive than other stereo sound systems. But the best thing about sound bars is that its drivers are pointed towards the listener, which is something that’s very beneficial compared to TV audio. There are also some decent sound bars in the market that come with separate woofers and tweeters that have the capability of handling low and high sounds respectively. Almost all sound bars these days come with subwoofers that are generally wireless.


There are basically two main disadvantages of a sound bar. The first is its size. Generally, sound bars are not very deep or tall, but they possess width that causes placement issues of sound bars. They always require enough space to be placed or to be mounted. The second disadvantage of a sound bar is the sound quality. There are certain sound bars that possess excellent quality of sound and there can be absolutely no doubt about the fact that they always sound better than a TV. But, there are also some that do not sound as good as speakers.