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Years ago, TV manufacturers designed special TVs that could be mounted to the underside of a cabinet or in an RV. These TVs could fold up or be adjusted to a viewing angle of your choice, but they tended to be small with poor picture quality. Today, TVs are so light and thin that it is better to engineer your own solution. Most modern TVs can be mounted on a universal VESA system.


  • Space Saving & Ease of Use

Under Cabinet Mount is the perfect display mount for installation in small or cramped environments. Install it under a cabinet in your kitchen or to the ceiling of your trailer or RV.

With these types of mounts, you get the flexibility to watch TV in a small area without sacrificing much space. This is because the under cabinet mount gives you the added benefit of hiding your TV under the cabinet overhang, allowing for access to your counter top when you need to free up some space. You will find an optimal viewing angle not that difficult to find.

They save you precious space and can be easily stored away by flipping up the screen.


  • Small TV's Only

Do not support most of the larger screen TV’s and it may be difficult to get the required cables ran to your TV for satellite, power, DVD, etc.