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Ceiling Mount TV is becoming very popular these days considering the floor space it saves in entertainment centers and bars and the sophistication it can introduce to one’s living room if done properly.


  • Safety and better viewing experience

Mounting TVs on the ceiling, especially in entertainment centers, bars, banks, airports, and even restaurants, where it is possible for customers to dominate the entire floor space walking around or dancing, is a good way to create some space and ensure safety of the TV. Also, it helps make viewing easy since the TV screen would not be obstructed from people moving all over the place.

Also, at homes, if you have kids who run around the living room, mounting your TV on a ceiling can help insure the safety of your kids and the TV, because you may not worry about your kids running over the TV.

  • Sophistication

Mounted TVs have been used in entertainment centers, airports, and the like, for quite some time now before they started making way into homes. This way of setting up a TV can add some bit of sophistication into the home and a feeling of keeping up with the trends because of its popularity.

  • Saves Space

Airports, bars, and even homes may need more floor space sometimes, and a TV, depending on the size, may use up that space if kept on a stand. Mounting it on a ceiling is a good way to save some space while enjoying a better viewing experience.


  • Stability Challenge

One factor that poses a challenge for ceiling-mounted TVs is stability. Making sure your ceiling-mounted TV is well mounted and stable is one very important precaution to take, as any slight negligence on this part can lead to the TV falling down, probably hitting someone and getting damaged.

  • Cost and Time

The need to achieve stabilization, the mounting frames, the wires and cables – all these make ceiling-mounting quite more expensive than the original TV stand. Also, it takes a lot of time to perfectly mount a TV on a ceiling and you would need a professional to do it well, meanwhile, standing your TV on the floor doesn’t take much time and can be done yourself.

  • Multiple connections

If you need to connect your ceiling-mounted TV to other devices like a surround-sound system, DVD-player or video game, then more work is required to ensure the wirings are neatly done insuring they aren’t exposed.