There Are Tons Of Questions About TV Accessories..

Our goal is to answer them all for you.

(Q) How to find the right size bolt to secure the TV wall mount?

(A) You can usually find that particular info in the wall mount manual, you can also search online for the model code of the mount to get the right size of bolt you need.


(Q) What wall mounting bracket will i need & how do i choose from the many types?

(A) First check if a wall mount is compatible with the proper specification of your TV. There are wall mounts designed to fit your TV's size and weight.

Then decide on the movement you want your TV to have. Do you want your mount to be stationary, with an arm a few inches from the wall? Or do you want your wall mount to swivel? For situations that you need your TV to be pointed at multiple directions. It all depends on your personal preference.

Each type of TV wall mounts have their pros and cons. They also have different prices. So choose wisely, and while some cheap wall mounts may seem reasonable, just remember that this mounts will hold up your expensive Television and quality is your best concern. Find the right balance for quality and price.


(Q) Can you mount different types of brackets on my wall?

(A) There are a lot of factors that should be reconsidered before mounting a bracket on your wall. Various type of walls have different techniques for mounting to it.
TV weight is the first thing we need to know. We'll check if your wall can handle your TV and the bracket itself. The next step is to decide if your TV is VESA compatible for the mounting hole pattern. Then it's your personal preference to choose a fixed or moveable mount. We'll then check the proper place to hang your TV for the perfect viewing experience.


(Q) Soundbar on the opposite end of the room?

(A) If you have your soundbar at the opposite end of the room, we can connect it to your TV by using a lengthy compliant HDMI cable. We can also use a wireless HDMI transmitter if you don't want a wired option.


(Q) What size screws & bolts come with the LevelMount tilting TV mount?

(A) You can easily call Level Mount's 24/7 customer service (1-888-229-1459) to find out the proper sized screw bolts for the specific model of their mount. It is very important that you find the right screws and bolts for your mount to avoid accidents.


(Q) What screws should I use for a Samsung TV wall mount?

(A) It is very important to use the proper screws that came with your wall mount. Accidents can happen if you use the incorrect type that can cause injury or breakage if your TV falls due to malfunction. You can search Samsung's official website and look for the proper screw/bolt size for your TV mounts specific model.


(Q) Where can I find high definition ambient videos for display on a wall-mounted TV?

(A) You can get high definition ambient videos on, but if you want to get them for free, then you can download these videos on youtube using a free Youtube video downloader app.


(Q) How much power would I need to operate my wall mounted TV, if the power goes out? Looking for a small generator.

(A) Check the label at the back of your TV for the maximum power consumption it consumes. With that information, you can buy a small generator that can power your TV in addition to other devices you may have.